Friday, September 21, 2012

Have you heard the news? A plus-size model who keeps a food blog has been hired by Ralph Lauren. It's a first for the company.

What do you think?


  1. This is really thought provoking! First of all, Lawley's blog is absolutely beautiful. I could spend hours scrolling through the pictures of lovely, fresh looking food. I so appreciate her public love of food.

    However, "plus-size" models seem so strange. Lawley's headshot and other photos look quite nice and very normal-size to me. Perhaps I just have poor vision, but I can't figure out why these models should be kept separate from the others.

    Still, if I may judge her personality by her food blog, I think Lawley seems like a lovely person and I'm happy Ralph Lauren hired her. We should talk about this more in class.

  2. Interesting.
    I remember an article coming out a few months ago that declared a size six plus sized.

    I am a size six. I remember standing in front of the mirror and being like, are you serious? I'm not saying that I'm model material, but I also wouldn't declare myself anything other than "average."

    Average is still a horrible term....I wish that they wouldn't describe her as a plus sized model, but rather a model, because that is her job. She is modeling for Ralph Lauren, which is a huge company.

    That aside, I think that her blog is great. I think that it can show people that eating and beauty don't have to be separate things? Or that beauty doesn't have to require the absence of food, or the starvation of the body. I do think that the skinny body type is a beautiful body type, but it shouldn't be something to strive for if it's not your body type, you know?

    Lawley's food blog has delicious looking food, and now I'm hungry. Good for her, hopefully it has an impact on the fashion industry, or the people that consume the fashion media. I don't know if you heard about the Kate Upton's "fat bashing" but if not here's a link.

    I think I may have just rambled all over the place, but I agree with Kelsey that this is something to continue in class especially after how you mentioned that the body was definitely something that was going to eventually come up.

  3. I couldn't get her blog to load, however, the picture alone says quite a bit. If you would have just showed me the picture and said "This is a model for Ralph Lauren," I really wouldn't have questioned it. I think there is a stigma in the fashion world that when "Plus-Size" is stated people think of more full figured women. And I mean, she is a lot healthier looking than models I have seen before, but I don't think she should be stigmatized for that. I love that she's a foodie, and I think she's a very pretty woman. I agree with Kate and Kelsey also, good for her! and I also agree that we should talk more in class.